Tuesday, 10 November 2009

We Are Family

So I haven't updated in a while, but hey, give me a break I've had a pretty rocky week since Wednesday...

But something that has cheered me up...

BioShock 2

I've been watching the trailers off the website. Man that game looks awesome. I mean the 1st one blow me away,, but this one,, Wow. I cannot wait for this game! I have to admit that I am pretty freaked out by this game though!! I love the era it is set in 1940's (ish) so I was instantly drawn to this film, and then as the storyline progressed I fell in love with it. So clearly I hold a touch for the first Bioshock, and by the looks of Bioshock 2's trailers, I'm gonna love the second one just as much.

The storyline looks good. Playing as a Big Daddy should be fun!! I like how they have reversed it from the first storyline. Hmmm,, but now that I'm playing on of the biggest predators from the first game,, surely there will be nothing worse than me out there?!? WRONG!! Turns out the enemy in this game is the Big Sisters,, and them things look nasty!! They are like a slimmed down version of the Big Daddy's but instead of the large drill for an arm, they have one of the Adam needles (I'm guessing) that the little sisters carry around. So they should make for a fun enemy!!

There's now even online multi-player games. There's 'Capture The Sister' In which, u have to capture little sisters and take them back to there little whole in the wall. And then the other multi-player game can only be described as Call Of Duty meets Nightmare On Elm Street. Just a free for all of slicers killing each other.

The game is set to be release
February 9 2010
and I will be counting down the days!!

Anyway check out the website to view the trailers
Also give this review a read its pretty good!