Monday, 16 November 2009

Busy Monday Morning

I just bought 3 cartons of orange juice for. . . . 56p!! That means I bought 3 for the average price of 1 carton of orange juice. Its from Netto, tastes really good and is only 56p, how can you argue with that??

I also popped into Wigan, to pick up some forms for a drivers licence (because it's about time I got one). Bought something from Primark (almost bought 2 somethings). Bought an XL green Arizona top, that I'm gonna attempt to recon. It only cost £3 and its seems decent quality. The other thing I almost bought (Thank god I didn't have my bank card with me) was this cute hooded jacket, which came in a mustard colour or a shiny blue, it looked adorable, and it only cost £18!! I think I'm gonna have to get it!!