Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pretty Little Things

I've just got back from shopping in Warrington, and the weather is absolutely terrible!!! It's cold and it's raining,, never a good combination, but what is a good combination is the clothes that I bought from Warrington!! (Like how I did that??)

This is what I bought...

  • Broidere Style Dress - Miso (At Republic)
  • Button Nautical Dress - Miso (At Republic)
  • Vintage Cardigan - Miso (At Republic)
  • Jeggins - Miso (At Republic)
  • Ankle Boots - New Look
  • Bow on Pearl and Chain Necklace - Diva (At Miss Selfridge)
The boots aren't the same that I bought, but there practically identical except mine have a bow on them. And that dress is the darn cutest thing I have ever seen!!

I tried it on, and just didn't want to take it off!! I highly recommend Republic, they sell gorgeous clothes for decent prices!! (Okie, it can be a bit price-y, but hey!! Your buying designer!!)

I'm pretty happy with all my buys... Now I just need some one to take me out!!